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Top 5 Qualities You Want in Your Locksmith

Before you call a locksmith, ask yourself if they have these traits.

When you need a locksmith, choose a professional who has the experience and personal qualities needed to offer you the best service every time. Anything less simply isn’t good enough! That’s why we’ve put together a list of questions you should ask yourself and the locksmith you intend to hire before you agree to any service. If a locksmith can’t answer each of these questions with a yes, hire someone else.


1. Are they a certified master locksmith and key maker?

These days, there are thousands of locks and keys on the market. Certified master locksmiths have the robust education and experience to tackle virtually any lock, no matter how old, how new, how simple, or how complicated it may be. Without that education, a locksmith might not be able to solve your problem.


2. Do they have a location open to the public?

If you’re looking for a mobile locksmith, you might think that it doesn’t matter whether the locksmith has a physical location. It does! A locksmith with a physical location is more likely to be trustworthy and legitimate – after all, if something goes wrong, you know where to find them. Plus, locksmiths with locations open to the public are likely to offer a wider range of services, like key duplication.


3. Are they a residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith?

A locksmith’s range of expertise is important for two reasons. One, the wider the locksmith’s expertise, the more likely it is that they will be able to solve your particular problem. Two, once you find a good locksmith, you’ll want to keep using that locksmith. The last thing you want is to have to start from scratch when you have another problem requiring a locksmith’s attention.


4. Are they kind and compassionate?

Let’s face it: if you’ve locked your keys in your car or accidentally locked yourself out of your house, you are not feeling your best. You need to work with a locksmith who will help you feel better about it, not worse.


5. Are they available when you need them most?

If a locksmith isn’t an emergency locksmith available 24/7, they don’t deserve your business. You want to choose someone who will be available if you lock your keys in your car at 3 AM or can’t get back into your house at noon on a Saturday.

Now, it goes without saying that Griffin Locksmith can answer each of the question above with a loud YES – because we wouldn’t hire any locksmith who didn’t have all of these qualities! So, if you ever need a locksmith, turn to us. We’re proud to serve Bryan, TX; College Station, TX; Brazos Valley, TX; Navasota, TX; and the surrounding area, and we’re here to serve you, too!

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