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All You Need To Know About Spare Keys

When it comes to your vehicle, home, or office, it’s always a good idea to keep a spare set of keys handy. We’re all human after all, and that means we misplace things sometimes. Instead of trying to coax your toddler into telling where he or she “hid” your keys or spending hours aimlessly searching for possible hiding spots, let Griffin Locksmith make you an extra set. We are an automotive, emergency, and mobile locksmith serving the Brazos Valley, including Bryan, TX; College Station, TX; and Navasota, TX. We are also a key maker, in addition to our key duplication services. That means even if the original key can’t be found anywhere, we can cut a new one just from the lock itself.

When it comes to spare keys to your residence, there’s a very fine line when it comes to giving them out. At some point, you’re probably going to need someone to keep an eye on things, especially when you plan to be away, but what person should you trust?

A neighbor can be a very good person to give one to, but a certain level of trust must be built first. Politely waving as you pass by each other does not qualify as that. As one example, let’s say a fire or flood breaks out in your apartment building. If you have a neighbor you can trust with a spare key, that neighbor is close by to enter your apartment and grab things such as pets and sentimental photos, so they don’t meet any harm. Close family members and long-term significant others are people who should be considered for spare keys as well.

On the contrary, it’s usually not a good idea to give spare keys to people such as dog walkers or handymen. Dog walkers are typically found through agencies, and the vetting processes used may not be up to your standards. And while you may trust your handyman since you’ve used him for years, he may sometimes bring someone along with him for an extra set of hands. Why take chances?

If you’re a resident of the Brazos Valley, callGriffin Locksmith whenever you need an emergency locksmith!

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