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Key Duplication

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From giving a key to your home to a loved one or giving a key to your business to a manager, there are many reasons someone may be looking for key duplication. At Griffin Locksmith, we are proud to be the premier automotive, mobile, and emergency locksmith providing key duplication in College Station, Brazos Valley, and beyond. If you are looking to have a set of keys duplicated for any reason, you can trust our experienced team of locksmiths to get the job done quickly and effectively. Call your local, reliable key maker today to get started! 

The Difference Between Do Not Duplicate Keys and Restricted Keys

A “do not duplicate” key is one that has been stamped “do not duplicate”, “duplication prohibited” or another phrase that indicates it should not be duplicated by anyone other than the original locksmith or manufacturer who cut the key. This is intended to prevent unauthorized key duplication, but it does not always work. There is currently no direct legal sanction in the U.S. for someone who copies a key with a “do not duplicate” stamp on it, but there are rules for patented keys such as restricted keys. Restricted keys are often protected by a patent, which prohibits other manufacturers from making copies or duplicating the key. More times than not, a locksmith will request a photo ID from a customer who would like to cut additional keys using restricted blanks. It is important to understand the difference between these two types of keys, it will keep you, your home, and your business safe! 

Why Use Key Duplication?

Keys are usually only a few centimeters thin and a couple inches long. Their small size makes them incredibly easy to misplace and lose. Even if you are good with remembering where you place items, one accidental mistake and a key could be missing forever. A key can be lost somewhere in your belongings, at the store, somewhere outside, and so many other places. A key can also be locked in the house or vehicle you are trying to enter.

Regardless of why you cannot access your key, it is essential that you have a backup. By having a second key available, you are better prepared when your first key goes missing. You won’t have to worry about calling an emergency locksmith if you have a second key. That is why key duplication is essential. Key duplication is a quick process that provides you with the extra keys you need.

Plus, with key duplication, you can have additional keys set aside for those who need them. For example, you may want your family members and close friends to have access to your home. Sharing a single key between multiple family members is not ideal. Our key duplication service will make your life easier and spare you from calling an emergency locksmith. If you would like extra keys made, please do not hesitate to contact our key maker serving Brazos Valley, Bryan, College Station, Navasota, Texas, and the surrounding area.

Contact Your Trusted Key Maker Today for Key Duplication in College Station, TX & Beyond!

If you are looking for reliable key duplication in College Station, Navasota, Bryan, TX or the surrounding communities, look no further than Griffin Locksmith. We are proud to provide these communities with premier locksmith services. Call us today to learn more about key duplication and the other services we offer!
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