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5 Different Types of Keys

Locksmiths use different types of keys for different applications. House and car keys are easy to recognize, but other types of keys aren’t as noticeable. Common types of keys include:

1. Double-Sided & Four-Sided Key – These types of keys have either two or four sets of teeth on them and are most commonly used for home locks. We recommend the four-sided key, as it is more durable and the extra teeth make the lock more difficult to pick.

2. Transponder Key – Difficult to duplicate, transponder keys have a small microchip that are programmed to start a particular vehicle. This reduces the possibility of theft because if the key is not detected, the car will not start.

3. Dimple Key – Matching cone-shaped dimples on the key match up with two sets of pins inside the lock. The appeal of these locks are that the pins are aligned the same way on each side, so the key does not need to be oriented in a specific way to open.

4. Paracentric Key – Often used in prison or for high security situations, these keys have small teeth on the end and are shaped similar to a blade.

5. Skeleton Key – Even though they are no longer in use, skeleton keys have a cylindrical shaft and a toothed end that is used to open warded locks. Now, the term is used to describe keys that can open any lock of a particular type.

No matter what type of key you need, our residentialcommercial, and automotivelocksmiths have you covered! Here at Griffin Locksmith, we have years of knowledge and experience working with all types of keys and locks, ensuring you will get superior service every time. Whether you need your locks rekeyed, key duplication, or more, contact our experts today! We proudly provide service to clients throughout Navasota, Bryan, College Station, Brazos Valley, TX and the surrounding areas.

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