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Should I Change the Locks of My New Home?

New Home: Change the Locks

The purchase of a new home is one of the most exciting things anyone can experience. It signifies a new chapter in life. It is the place where you and your family will live and create lasting memories. Safety in your home is paramount to protecting your family and the home itself. When you buy a home, you are given a set of keys to the property from the previous homeowners. However, you have no idea if there are more sets of keys that they didn’t turn over or if they have given keys to friends, family, ex-partners, and whoever else there may be.

There is no way to verify this either. This is a scary thing to think about. To alleviate this concern, you can change your locks. Changing your locks means that old keys will no longer allow someone to enter your property without your consent. A new type of key will only be able to unlock the locks of your home, which only you will have access to.

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At Griffin Locksmith, we provide locksmith services to the Bryan, TX area. If you recently purchased a new home, you should consider changing the locks. You never know how many duplicate keys there are and who has them. It is best to install new locks or have your locks rekeyed. Our professional locksmith can do either of these things for you. Contact us today to schedule your locksmith services!

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